Nothing makes a home, a school or a hotel more beautiful than a well maintained and well-manicured lawn. You will simply fall in love with the place at first sight. You might think the guy(s) who worked on the lawn must have spent centuries forever before it looked that ecstatic.

This doesn’t necessarily always have to be the case. The task does not even have to be tiresome at all. All you need is the best and efficient power tools for the job. What could that be? The best 4 cycle weed eater is capable of turning an overgrown lawn with persistent weeds into a charming beauty.

Finding that right weed eater is the only problem. There are too many of them out there that leave you confused on which one could be the best for the job. Keep calm; this article has your back. It will outline for you the features you should look for in any weed eater and review some of the best products on the market.

Top 10 4 Cycle Weed Eaters

Poulan Pro 966774201 PP428C 4-Cycle Gas Curved Shaft Trimmer28cc/17”$$
25cc / 17”$$$$$
Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer, 25cc/324 L25cc / 17”$$$$
Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer29cc / 17”$$
Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer28cc / 17”$$$
35cc/ 17”$$$$
30cc / 18”$$
30cc/ 18”$$
31CC 4 Cycle 2 in 1 Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer with Brush Cutter Blade and Bonus Harness31cc / 17”$$
Makita String Trimmer 25.4CC 4-Stroke #EM2652LHN25. 4cc / 17”$$$$

Our Pick

Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer


The Troy-Bilt is easily the best 4 cycle weed eater currently available in the market. It has a 29-cc engine which constantly delivers maximum torque and power for the whole operation. The straight shaft gives you an extended reach in those hidden places such as under shrubs, furniture, and bushes.

With this machine, it is possible to be jump-started thereby avoiding the inconvenient pull cord starting system. The dual line bump head eases loading of string to the trimmer. It is also easy to detach from the shaft and will not slow you down.

Add these features to the compatibility with other universal attachments; you get a complete, amazing trimmer that will whack grass and weed without hesitation.

How to choose the best 4 cycle weed eater

Buying the best 4 cycle weed eater is not just a matter of walking into your nearest stores and walking away with the first one that you run into. To get the best weed eater, you have to be meticulous with the criteria you set for each product. To qualify to be the best and provide you with the best service, here are some of the features you need to put into consideration.

Low emissions

In this era of global warming, environmental pollution is everybody’s problem. We need to do our part in dealing with the problem at hand. Environmental consciousness demands that we minimize or eliminate the amount of carbon emission into the sky.

Low exhaust is nowadays not a luxury to weed trimmers. More States in the US are making it a law that the weed eaters and trimmers have to be CARB compliant. One such state is California.

It does not have to be put in law for you to reduce the carbon emissions. The weed eater has to be certified and compliant to these standards. This ensures a low carbon footprint exists which will result in low amounts of fog inhaled by you as you trim. Your clothes will also not have to smell of the exhaust gases.

Low noise

4 cycle trimmers are generally quieter than their 2 cycle counterparts. Their noise levels are not the same though. As you whack down the grass, you need to be conscious of the neighbors and yourself too.

Low noise provides you with a comfortable working environment and prevents ear damage. Working overtime at odd hours should not even bother you when you have the quietest trimmer around.

Ease of starting and using

The best 4 cycle weed eater should be very easy to start and operate. Before you swipe your card after buying any trimmer, ensure you will not need a handful of manuals to operate it. Starting it should be as easy as pushing a start button, and that’s it.

There are these trimmers with pull start starting systems. These can be really annoying at times when they jam. It will require you to pull on the cord relentlessly. Trust me; you do not want such negativity in your life. Go for the ones with push start buttons.

For ease of operation, the keys, switches and buttons should be clearly labeled so that you know what does what before flipping/pressing it. They should also be within your reach.

A telescopic shaft allows you to adjust the length of the trimmer based on your cutting conditions; an adjustable handle should be ergonomic and padded for more comfort. Anti-vibration features should make cutting comfier as does a well-balanced engine.

Power and performance ratings

You need a trimmer with the right amount of power to handle the kind of job that you will be carrying out. If it is trimming tough grass or weeds, then the trimmer has to deliver enough power to the head to deliver the whack the stubborn grass deserves.

Better still; the power should be able to be varied depending on the rigorousness of the task at hand. You are then able to perform lighter grass cutting, and when the task becomes heavier, you can bring out the big guns blazing.

A highly versatile tool is very convenient to use. You can use the tool for one purpose and then convert it for another use. If the cutting head can transform to an edger, this will be your best option.

Cutting string and width

If it is a string trimmer, the diameter of the cutting string determines how professional the job will look. Various strings and models exist on the market. The thicker the string, the more the trimmer’s cutting ability will be. Cutting lines of the diameter of around 0.095 inches are preferable.

For larger lawns, you need a trimmer with a larger width of cut. It is time-saving and reduces fatigue. Different models will come in various widths, so you have to choose the one that best suits you.

More high-end trimmers even have cutting swaths that are adjustable to make them more versatile. The interchangeability of the cutting line with a cutting blade can also be considered.

Best 4 cycle weed eater Reviews

Poulan Pro 4 cycle weed eater

Poulan Pro 966774201 PP428C 4-Cycle Gas Curved Shaft Trimmer

The Poulan Pro Curved Shaft Trimmer makes your grass trimming work a little easier as you do not have to perform fuel mixing, as is common with the 2-cycle engine trimmer counterparts. This weed eater has a spring assisted starting system for an effortless pull starting, in place of the conventional, fault-prone pull cord starting system.

With a maximum cutting width of 17 inches, you can get the work done faster and more efficiently. This machine is therefore easy to use and is very cost effective. Another feature worth noting about this trimmer is its split boom shaft with a Pro-Link attaching system. This enables the device to transform into an array of yard machines.

The 28cc 4-cycle engine delivers you a more quiet performance. With a cutting line of 0.095 inches, be prepared to whack that stubborn weed growth in your backyard. The loop handle with a thin grip gives you better control of the machine. The split shaft design of the trimmer makes it adapt to various uses around your yard.

Weighing in at 13.1 pounds, this machine will not bog you down even during long hours of professional or “Do It Yourself” lawn care services. This trimmer is compatible with some attachments to make your work easier and more fun. These include a blower, pole pruner, brush cutter, edger and cultivator.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • No fuel mixing
  • Great price


  • Heavier than 2 cycle trimmers
  • String difficult to load

Husqvarna 4 cycle straight shaft weed eater

The Husqvarna 4 cycle straight shaft weed eater is a lightweight professional trimmer with a straight shaft. Even if you are not an enthusiast, this trimmer will tick all the right boxes for you. The process of mixing can be a real hassle; the 4-cycle engine gives you freedom from this annoying process common in 2-cycle engine gas powered weed eaters.

This trimmer has a Smart Start system that allows you to start it without many flares. Combine this with an air purge system; you get a stress-free startup of your trimmer. The air purge system eliminates air from the carburetor and fuel-mixing system.

This reduces the starter cord’s resistance by approximately 40% thereby allowing an eased startup. Worried about its weight? You should not. It weighs only 11.24 pounds. This allows you to trim on and on without getting tired.

The straight shaft tube and its drive are made from steel for durability and compactness. The tube is 58.4 inches long and is 0.9 inches in diameter. A durable gearbox provides smooth motion conversion during the lifetime of the trimmer. It can handle large weed cutting outings with a professional touch.

The engine is engineered such that it is very fuel efficient. Fewer emissions are therefore produced as the engine runs. Resulting vibrations are minimized for lesser stress on your hands as you work. An automatic cutting string feeding system allows you to work without stopping to add a new line. You simply tap the N Go button to feed the string.


  • Automatic string feed
  • No fuel mixing
  • Easy starting
  • Lightweight
  • Durable string


  • Getting it to idle is a problem

Husqvarna 4 Cycle String Trimmer

Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer, 25cc/324 L

The Husqvarna 324 L is a 4 cycle weed eater which falls under the string trimmer group of weed eaters. It uses a flex drive system housed in a straight shaft. Its bevel gears ensure a smooth transfer of motion thereby reducing the amount of noise the machine produces. The Air Purge system is responsible for removing air from the carburetor and its fuel system. This reduces the resistance in the starting system.

A smart Starting system coupled with the minimized inefficiencies means that you can start the machine using the least amount of effort. Starting it should not be part of the work. As a 4-cycle engine, there will be no fuel and oil mixing when refueling it. This engine runs purely on gasoline.

This product features a heavy-duty twin line cutting system. This system employs the convenient Tap ‘n’ Go system that hastens the process of feeding the line when it loses its cutting edge.

With a cylinder displacement of 25 cm3, it delivers a power output of 1.07 HP, a maximum speed of 7000 rpm and an idling speed of 3100 rpm. This trimmer gives you the confidence to make those weeds creeping behind your house disappear within seconds. They will just freak out at the first roar of this trimmer.


  • Very quiet
  • Easy starting
  • Easy cutting line feed
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Low vibration levels


  • Breaks down easily
  • Quite heavy

Troy-Bilt 4 cycle weed eater

Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer

The Troy-Bilt is among the best 4 cycle weed eaters. It is a string trimmer capable of cutting through bushes and grass with too much ease. It has a straight shaft making it easy to trim grass and weed growing in places that are hard to reach. The 29 cc 4 cycle engine is a true workhorse. It delivers the same cutting performance season in season out.

This engine features both Jumpstart and SpringAssist technologies to make starting it as easy as possible. The JumpStart capability renders the pull cord ‘useless.’ The engine starter is sold separately though. Pulling the cord is made easier by the use of the SpringAssist feature. Starting an engine has never been this simplified.

Another feature of this weed buster is the autoload head. Using the simplistic SpeedSpool 2, the cutting line can be easily loaded. The head is preloaded with a line up to 20 feet long. The line is 0.095 inches thick with a cutting swath 17 inches in diameter.

Separately available attachments can convert this trimmer into a variety of lawn care products. At 13 pounds, its weight is the least of your problems for any gender.


  • 20 feet of preloaded line
  • Lightweight
  • Reaches hard to reach places
  • Large cutting swath
  • Versatile
  • Quiet


  • Easily breaks down

Poulan Pro Straight Shaft Trimmer

Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer

The Poulan Pro Straight shaft trimmer gives you a guesswork free lawn work care. The problematic and error-prone fuel-oil mixing in 2 cycle engines is a thing of the past with this 4-cycle engine workaholic. For engine safety, a see-through oil tank is mounted on the machine. You are then only able to use it when the right amount of oil is in the tank.

By using the split boom principle, this trimmer can be converted to an arsenal of other tools using Pro-link attachments that are separately sold. The 52 inches straight shaft can reach some decent heights and lengths. A cutting diameter of 17 inches enables a quick trimming process.

The SpringAssist starting makes pulling the cord a lot easier. The tap ‘n’ go system provides a quick loading method of the 0.095 inches thick cutting line. It can easily be carried around as it only weighs 13 pounds.


  • See-through oil tank
  • Easy starting
  • Low noise
  • Versatile with Pro-link attachments
  • Portable
  • Cuts well


  • Bogs down easily
  • Oil tends to leak at times

Honda 4 cycle weed eater

The Honda 4 cycle engine weed eater runs on pure gas that requires no mixing with oil. The machine has a 17-inch Semi-Matic head (the bump feed type) fitted with a Quiet line and a standard Flex shaft. The rigid construction of the whole setup gives you the durability and off the charts shock absorption that you need.

This weed eater’s engine accelerates very quickly and outputs excellent torque. These capacities are required when handling tough jobs such a stall weeds and overgrown grass. At 17 pounds, this is the lightest 35cc 4 stroke engine around. A new type of deflector is included to improve your visibility while working. It prevents cut grass from flying into your face.

This machine is excellently balanced to ease its operation. The ergonomic design and strategically placed controls make operating this trimmer a breeze. The loop handle design is comfortable to handle; it contains vibration damping that eliminates stress on your hands. An ultra-Quiet line greatly reduces the amount of noise emanating from it.

The burning of pure gasoline produces less odor and smoke that is synonymous with 2 cycle trimmers due to the oil present in the fuel. For ease of storage, you can inline the engine at any angle, and it will still be okay. For versatility, this trimmer can be used with both 9 and 10-inch cutting blades.


  • Versatile
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Easy to store
  • Low vibration levels
  • Ergonomic loop handle
  • Low smoke and odor emissions
  • Fuel efficient


  • Problematic auto feed
  • The tank does not vent at times.

Ryobi 4 cycle straight shaft weeds eater

The Ryobi straight shaft weed eater is a deliverer of excellent power and exemplary performance without the need for regular maintenance. It combines performance with low odor and fumes emission.

The fuel-oil mixing inconvenience of a 2 cycle is completely eliminated when using this 4 cycle weed eater. Its long and straight shaft reaches perfectly under lawn furniture. This trimmer is compatible with other attachments so that you can perform all the lawn tasks with just a single machine and a couple of attachments.

The Reel easy bump string feed head enables easy loading. Stopping your work for line loading can be quite annoying. Although this product is refurbished, it is tested and certified. It works as if it were a new item.


  • Very powerful
  • Reaches hard to reach places
  • Low emissions
  • Quick line feed


  • Breaks down easily

Ryobi Curved Shaft 4 cycle Trimmer

The Ryobi Curved Shaft Trimmer is an innovative trimmer that delivers lots of power buts cuts on weight and maintenance needs, noise and carbon emissions. It runs on pure gasoline, eliminating the need for fuel mixing.

Want a weed wacker that you can add and remove attachments to/from? This is one of such weed eaters. It is compatible with other gas attachments that are universal in nature. This saves you on time, space and money. The curved shaft only allows for lighter handling purposes.

Perform your lawn care work faster with the 17-inch cutting swath path with a 0.095-inch cutting line. The easy reel principle of its straight path counterpart makes cutting line loading pretty easy.

This product is factory reconditioned but still, delivers for you immense power and torque for all your needs.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Easy line loading


  • It is factory reconditioned

Sunseeker Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

31CC 4 Cycle 2 in 1 Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer with Brush Cutter Blade and Bonus Harness

The Sunseeker 4 cycle straight shaft grass trimmer uses a combination of exceptional engineering ergonomics, maneuverability, and high performance. The 4-cycle engine provides a high performance while being fuel economic and efficient. The 31 cc engine is EPA approved to be an emitter of low levels of carbon into the atmosphere as it runs.

A variable speed control allows you to work at any speed you so wish. When the weeds get thicker, you can increase the speed to avoid tangling of weed with the cutting string. The speed can reach a maximum RPM of 8500. The 17-inch cutting path capability makes it possible to complete the job in no time.

A dual line spool type system is designed to feed the line when it loses its effectiveness easily.With a maximum line diameter of 0.080 inches, this device is compatible with brush cutter blades when you need to bring down that stubborn bush. The engine is designed to start quickly together with the brush cutters.


  • Reduced emissions
  • Quick line feed
  • Easy start
  • Powerful
  • Versatile (both trimmer and brush cutter)
  • Variable speed


  • Quite expensive

Makita String Trimmer 25.4CC 4-Stroke

Makita String Trimmer 25.4CC 4-Stroke #EM2652LHN

The Makita string weed eater is one of the best 4 cycle weed eaters that is fuel efficient and is commercial grade. The Makita features a multi-positioning lubrication system that allows the engine to run continuously while inclined at any angle. The engine is mechanically decompressed so that it can start quickly and more easily.

A high capacity fast loading bump and feed head increase the efficiency of this machine. Weighing in at 10.9 pounds, it delivers an impressive weight to compactness ratio. With an easily accessible and replaceable dual stage air filter, impurities will not be able to enter the fuel system by any chance.

The engine has an oil view window for checking the amount of oil. This informs you of when to replace or top up the oil levels. The drive shaft is made from steel to minimize vibration and improve its service life. The fuel tank is translucent and contains a large opening to make refueling straightforward. The engine still retains its easy starting even in cold weather.


  • Easy starting even in cold weather
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • Steel drive train for durability
  • Anti-vibration
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-position lubrication
  • Low emissions
  • Great power


  • Costly