Trimming shrubs and grass is part of lawn maintenance that every homeowner takes part in. There are a variety of tools you can use in such circumstances. One of which is the corded electric string trimmer.

The best corded electric string trimmer operates on electric power which makes it light in weight compared to the other string trimmers. It is one of the best tools you can use to get a neat cut even in areas that were hard-to-reach for the mower.

With this machine, you are assured of quick operations without noise, emissions or any maintenance. Most importantly, they are relatively affordable. The only major problem that is always associated with this machine is how it limits operational areas. The cord only allows you to work on areas that are within its reach.

Top 10 Corded Electric String Trimmers

The table below gives a summary of the best trimmers you can always look for in the market.

ImageProduct NameOperating Current (Amperes)Price
Homelite 5 Amp Electric String Trimmer / Edger5$
Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger5$
BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger, 14-Inch6.5$
Sun Joe Lightweight 13-inch Corded Electric Grass Trimmer/Edger in Green4$
16" Electric Corded Grass Trimmer10$
WORX WG119 Electric Grass Trimmer with Tilting Shaft, 15-Inch5.5$
Black & Decker ST7700 4.4-amp Electric Automatic Feed String Trimmer/Edger, 13"4.4$
Earthwise ST00115 15-Inch 5-Amp Electric String Trimmer5$
Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 2114210$

Our Pick

BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger, 14-Inch

Black & Decker GH900 Trimmer

Our Top Pick for the Best Corded Electric String Trimmer is the Black & Decker GH900 Trimmer. This trimmer possesses almost every feature that an ideal corded electric trimmer should have. Some of these are the lightweight which makes it easy to operate together with its ergonomic design that means comfortable operations.

The 6.5-amp motor delivers sufficient power and torque for both trimming and edging given that this power tool is versatile. The 14-inch cutting makes it complete tasks within the shortest time possible making it an effective tool.

It can be used to clear the toughest of grass and weeds without bogging. The line is automatically fed, and therefore there is absolutely no reason for stopping operations. Its conversion into an edger is easy and effortless.

More accuracy and control is realized leading to the more professional look after edging is complete. The guard has also been included in this design to ensure the safety of the user as well as plants that need no edging.

Choosing the best corded electric string trimmer

Choosing the best product has been a common practice since the olden days. You only invest in something that is worth spending money on. This is what forms the basis of our discussion in this section. All the features that the best electric weed eater should possess have been discussed in here.


The electric string trimmers are carried during operation. This makes the weight an important factor that cannot be wished away. The lightest string trimmer will ensure you clear large areas without experiencing fatigue.

Some are designed with adjustable shafts for increased comfort. You do not have to bend at odd angles when making cuts. The edging position should be in such way that you don’t have to make very uncomfortable angles while making cuts.

Always check the safety design of the electric trimmer. Some of these are the protection offered to the cords and the starter switches that should be well located to prevent accidental starting. It should, however, be easy to reach.

Power Delivery

The amount of power delivered by the string trimmer is what determines the amount of work that the machine can complete. The corded electric trimmers with high amperage ratings are the most powerful and can cut even the toughest of grass and shrubs.

The higher the power delivered by the trimmer, the more work you can accomplish. It is for this reason that we would like to highly recommend the ones with the highest ampere ratings. The extension cord also has a hand in the power delivered by the trimmer. Avoid very long cords as a lot of power is always lost as a result of increased resistance to current.

String Properties

The string is a very important component of the electric trimmer. The best string trimmer should be able to be re-stringed with ease as well as having high-quality line-feed capabilities. The feed lines can either be single or dual.

A single-line feed can do most of your lawn cutting but having an additional line adds more cutting power onto the trimmer with every pass you make. The double-line cuts the toughest of weeds and grass.  It, however, requires a lot of maintenance.

The cutting swath should be wide enough to cover large areas in a single sweep. It should, however, give room for operations in very tight spaces. The line should be tough enough to last longer without having to do replacements every time.


Your confidence in a product will be boosted by how the manufacturer covers its defects. String trimmers with longer warranties are considered the best since the manufacturer has a lot of trust in them. Better performance is therefore guaranteed for an extended time.

The standard warranty on an electric string trimmer should be one year. All the products discussed herein have met and even surpassed this limit. They are the best regarding warranty coverage. Some of these machines also have specific service and repair places distributed across other nations.

You can as well check on that, so that in case of any minor defects, there can be check-ups and proper advice offered at the nearest service center.

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer Reviews

Homelite Corded String Trimmer

Homelite 5 Amp Electric String Trimmer / Edger

Use the Homelite Corded String Trimmer to edge and trim the grass in your lawn to get a professional look. This 5-amp trimmer has a cutting width of 14 inches which minimizes the number of passes you have to make to clear your operational area. This helps save you a lot of time.

The 5-amp rated motor provides sufficient power that can handle the thickest and toughest grass. To ensure the operator is comfortable, it is designed in such a way that the shaft adjusts to the perfect height position. No need to strain in the cause of trimming.

Rotating the shaft converts it into an edger in the quickest time possible. The pivoting head can be positioned in the three different positions for versatility. The dual-line is 0.65 inches, and its advancement is controlled by the user.

This trimmer weighs 7.7 pounds with dimensions of 12.3 by 4.7 by 39.1 inches.


  • Comfortable trimming
  • Versatile machine
  • Dual line
  • Powerful
  • Easy and quick conversion into an edger
  • Lightweight


  • Poor line-feeding system
  • Poor performance on tall grass

Toro 51480 Corded Electric Trimmer

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

The durable and powerful Toro 51480 Electric Trimmer is operated on a powerful 5-amp motor. It has a cutting width of 14 inches which is dual-line which makes completion of work much faster. It doubles up as an edger by just a simple conversion.

A push button with just a single step is what converts the trimmer to an edger with the wheel guiding the edger to ensure precise trimming. The telescoping shaft and adjustable handle provide extended reach and ability to accommodate all users respectively. This leads to comfortable operations.

The shaft is made of aluminum which makes it free from rust and hence durable. The trim line is auto-fed by simply pulling the trigger to adjust it automatically to the required cutting length. It is fitted with an edge guard to protect the user from any debris that might come into contact with the machine.

It has a total weight of 6.3 pounds with measurements of 5.9 by 9.8 by 40.2 inches. It also comes with a warranty of two years.


  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Quick operations
  • User safety is guaranteed
  • Easy and quick conversion into an edger
  • Wide cutting width
  • Comfortable and balanced operations
  • Rust-free shaft
  • Automatic trim line adjustment


  • Re-spooling is a problem
  • The auto-feed of the trim line is faster

Black & Decker GH900 String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger, 14-Inch

The Black & Decker GH900 is an electric string trimmer that is operated by a 6.5-amp motor. The trimmer has a cutting width of 14 inches. Its ergonomic design that comprises of a pivoting handle and an adjustable height ensures maximum control and comfort.

The high torque produced by this motor is more than enough to trim through the toughest grass and weeds. To prevent bogging down in the heavy weeds and grass, the trimmer is fitted with the advanced Power Drive Transmission.

The automatic feed spool ensures that you have a continuous operation without bumping and having to stop when feeding the spool. Its conversion into an edger is just seconds away. Rotate it to convert it into an edger with a wheel. When used as an edger, the Smart Edge mode allows for more accuracy and control, therefore, giving cleaner and straighter results.

It is fitted with a handle that ensures you are always protected when trimming. The trimmer weighs 6.8 pounds and measures 8.5 by 36.4 by 4.9 inches.


  • Lightweight
  • Optimal control and comfort
  • Maximum performance
  • No bogging down
  • Automatic feed spool
  • Easy conversion to an edger


  • Adjustable handle might at times slip out of position
  • Extension cords that are 3 prongs cannot be used to connect this trimmer to the power source

Black & Decker GH3000 Corded String Trimmer

The Black & Decker GH3000 Electric trimmer operates using a 7.5-amp motor. The motor is powerful and delivers sufficient power to the cutting line. This makes it an ideal tool for use in the toughest grass, weeds and overgrowth. It has a cutting width of 14 inches.

It is a versatile tool and can be easily converted to an edger. The quick latch which is easily released and the groom N edge make the conversion easier. Once converted into an edging tool, the wheeled guide provides comfort and ease of use.

It has a weight of 6.9 pounds which makes it light in weight and can, therefore, be used for extended durations without any strain and fatigue. Its ergonomic design that includes a pivoting handle and adjustable height ensures the user has maximum control over the machine. This is coupled with a well-deserved comfort.

It operates on a single line that is 0.80-inch. It has measurements of 8.8 by 4.6 by 44.8 inches in length, width and height respectively.


  • Powerful machine
  • Easy conversion into an edger
  • Versatile tool
  • Comfortable operations
  • Lightweight
  • Faster operations
  • Easy to use


  • No extension cord included with the purchase
  • The spool might develop problems after some time

Sun Joe Corded Electric Trimmer

Sun Joe Lightweight 13-inch Corded Electric Grass Trimmer/Edger in Green

The Sun Joe electric trimmer operates on a 4-amp motor. Its 180-degree rotating head makes it a good tool for use in tight places. The 13-inch cutting width is good enough to cover larger areas in single sweeps.

It is a versatile tool that is easily converted to an edger. This weed eater is a maintenance-free power tool with a simple start from a push button. It weighs 5 pounds which is light in weight and can be used for long durations even by women and children.

It has measurements of 13.2-long by 11.4-wide by 49.5-inches high. The tool is accompanied with an extension cord that is 12 inches long. It is ETL listed with a warranty of two years. It has an automatic feed spool which ensures you have the correct cord length at any given time.


  • Maintenance-free
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic feed spool
  • Versatile tool
  • Useful in tight places
  • Easy to operate


  • Recommended for small lawns with short grass and weeds

Craftsmans Electric Corded Trimmer

16" Electric Corded Grass Trimmer

This Craftsmans Corded Trimmer runs on a powerful 10-amp motor that makes it perfect for use in tough grass and weeds. This multi-tool has a cutting width of 16 inches and can be used to edge around bushes. It has a speed of 6650 revolutions per minute.

The split-shaft makes this trimmer compatible with other Craftsman and trimmer attachments that are universal. The ergonomic soft grip and the adjusting secondary handle make it a comfortable tool for use.

Its headline is fixed and is therefore strong and sturdy. The line is .080-inch and is easy and quick to change. The purchase of this tool is accompanied by additional 10 pre-cut lines plus a shoulder strap. What’s more, this trimmer also complies with the CARB rules and regulations.


  • Powerful tool
  • Compatible with other universal attachments
  • User comfort during operations
  • Strong and sturdy line head
  • Included 10 pre-cut lines and shoulder strap
  • No spool jamming


  • The extension cord limits your operational area

WORX WG119 Electric Trimmer

WORX WG119 Electric Grass Trimmer with Tilting Shaft, 15-Inch

If you are looking for a high-performing tool that is comfortable at the same time, then the WORX WG119 Electric Trimmer is your best match. Furthermore, it is versatile and easy to control. It is run by a 5.5-amp motor.

The telescoping shaft together with the head that can be adjusted to four different positions eliminates the fatigue that is always characterized by the trimming action. Its weight is well-balanced meaning you will have to operate it at the normal body posture resulting into comfortable operations for longer periods of time.

A simple rotation of the handle and adjustment on the hard converts this trimmer into an edger. The pivoting head can be adjusted to fit in sloppy and tight spaces. Delicate landscaping without damages on the furniture, trees among other things is realized due to the spacer guard that has been specially designed to fold.

The line system is an automatic feed trimmer that operates on dual lines. You will have the correct amount of cutting line at any given time. This means no bumping when feeding an additional line.

The cutting swath of this electric trimmer is 15-inch wide. It weighs 6.5 pounds with dimensions of 4.9 by 9.2 by 38.6 inches.


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable operations
  • No bumping
  • Versatile
  • Capable of working in tight and sloppy areas
  • Safe trimming and edging


  • The stock string is not durable enough
  • The cord might tangle at times

Black & Decker ST7700 Electric String Trimmer

Black & Decker ST7700 4.4-amp Electric Automatic Feed String Trimmer/Edger, 13"

The Black & Decker ST7700 electric trimmer can be used to edge along pavements and walkways as well as being used for post-mowing maintenance. It operates using a 4.4-amp motor that runs at speeds of 10,000 revolutions per minute and in the process delivering enough power to cut weeds and overgrown grass.

The line of this string trimmer is automatically fed, and you won’t experience any bumping. The 13-inch cutting swath covers a significantly wide area in a single sweep. The head rotates at 180-degrees for conversion into an edger.

The built-in auxiliary minimizes on wrist fatigue meaning you can work for long hours. The trimmer has a safety cord retention that prevents against accidental unplugging while working. It weighs 4.5 pounds which is light and can even be used by women and children. What’s more, this 46.8 by 10.2 by 5.1-inch trimmer is backed by a warranty of two years.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Powerful
  • Comfortable trimming and edging
  • Safety of the operator is looked into
  • Easy conversion into edger
  • Auto-feed spool with no bumping


  • Line feeding problems might be experienced
  • Its shaft is not adjustable

Earthwise ST00115 Corded String Trimmer

Earthwise ST00115 15-Inch 5-Amp Electric String Trimmer

The Earthwise ST00115 electric trimmer is a 5-amp rated. The 5-amp motor produces enough power to run the 15-inch cutting swath at speeds 7,500 revolutions per minute. It is designed with a rotating handle that easily converts it into an edging tool.

The auxiliary handle that is adjusting plus the telescoping shaft allows you to choose the height and angle for operation. These two features are also important in determining the speed that will give the best cut. To ensure precise cuts, the cutting head can be adjusted to three different positions.

The edge guard is professionally placed to protect what you do not to be trimmed such as small trees and flowerbeds. It operates on dual lines that are 0.065-inch and are automatically fed to ensure uninterrupted trimming and mowing.

This tool is easy to start. The rubber-molded handle ensures you have a comfortable trimming or edging. This 10 by 17 by 54-inch measuring trimmer weighs 7 pounds. It has a two-year warranty placed on it.


  • Powerful
  • Quiet operations
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable trimming and edging
  • Adjustable head positions for precise trimming
  • Edge guard protection
  • Seamless operation without bumping
  • Easy to start and operate


  • Difficulty while re-stringing
  • A bit heavier

GreenWorks 21142 Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 21142

The GreenWorks 21142 Electric trimmer runs on a 10-amp motor. It has a 0.08 dual line that is bump-fed. It has a cutting swath that is 18-inch wide. This is the widest of all the trimmers discussed in this article. It speeds up your trimming and edging.

The GreenWorks spool is compatible with other models and is therefore easy to replace. The quick-connect coupler ensures that the attachment changes from other brands are done with a lot of ease.

It is fitted with a cord lock to prevent any accidental unplugging of the machine during the process of trimming or edging. The telescoping handle can be adjusted to suitable heights that allow you operate the tool without having to strain.

The electric start makes it easy to start and operate. It operates with minimal vibration and noise. The lightweight feature of this device makes its operation effortless. It weighs 9.9 pounds with dimension measurements of 31.5 by 12.99 by 5.12 inches.


  • Lightweight
  • Multi-tool
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Faster operations due to the wide cutting swath
  • Easy to make attachment changes


  • No extension cord is provided
  • Difficulties and time wastage while replacing the spool