Fire pits are essentially portable fireplaces that don’t require any installation. Fire pits are not only easy to clean but serve as a perfect solution to heat up any outdoor event of your liking. Fire pits add a certain atmosphere to the event and have a portable grill as well. What’s more is that they can also be highly cost effective! Who doesn’t like an occasional bon-fire in a slightly chilly weather? With the help of fire pits, you have the option of creating memories in your backyard. Fire pits have begun to quickly replace traditional bonfires. Using fire pits, you could allocate a certain part of the backyard where you could burn wood anytime for events and more.

These fire pits are not only going to illuminate your dull nights but offer the needed warmth in your backyard as well. You will be able to create all kinds of settings from social gatherings to romantic atmospheres, with complete ease. If you’re a social-bee then you definitely want one. It will be a definite hit for your next social gathering.

Top 10 Fire Pits

ImageProduct NameManufacturerPrice
CobraCo Diamond Mesh Fire Pit with Screen and Cover FB8008CobraCo$$$
Endless Summer, WAD820SP, 34 in. Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper AccentsUniflame$
Endless Summer, WAD997SP, Aged Bronze Outdoor Firebowl with Lattice DesignUniflame$
Landmann USA 28905 Super Sky Fire PitLandmann$$$
Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit, 26-InchPleasant Hearth$$
Sunnydaze 42 Inch Large Cosmic Outdoor Patio Fire Pit with Spark ScreenSunnydaze Decor$$$$

Our Pick

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit, 26-Inch

Pleasant Hearth Martin Fire Pit

Our top pick for the best fire pit is the Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit. The choice was not an easy one. However, the products versatility and multiple features make this fire pit the right fit for just about any household. The air holes that provide proper drainage along with the air vent for circulation, keep the fire from dying out. These unique features offer true value for money. The added grilling feature for your choice of food, makes this the best deal in the market. The design makes the fire more visible all the while protecting you from the embers. It creates just the right atmosphere for you to enjoy your evenings!

Things to consider before buying a fire pit

Making an impulsive purchase is never a good idea. Doing proper research before buying any product is absolutely necessary in order for you to make a well-informed decision. In the case of fire pits, there are a number of aspects one needs to consider before deciding, if it is the best fit for them. Some of the considerations include:

Consider the cost

Just as there are various types of fire pits out there, their prices vary in accordance with the function. Figuring out what your budget is, can be crucial before you begin to consider any other aspect of the fire pit. If the fire pit is perfect in every other way and is still out of your budget, then it’s a lost cause. Therefore, it is essential to check the cost of your machine before anything else.

If you have a small budget, then you should opt for a simple fire pit. However, if you want to create a whole atmosphere and add other amenities around the fireplace, then it can greatly increase your overall cost.

Local Laws and Regulations

While having a fire pit greatly increases your bonfire experience and makes it pleasantly warm, there are certain rules you need to consider before purchase. Different states have varying regulations regarding open fires. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you check on the laws of your area before buying a fire pit. To avoid wasting your money, you shouldn’t purchase a fire pit before you are absolutely sure that the rules of the area you live in will not create any hindrance. Sometimes, certain types of fire pits are allowed. Therefore, your choice may differ based on the laws of your area as well.


A fire pit should, aside from providing you with warmth and illumination, also have the style to make your backyard more beautiful. The style will vary depending on your personal preference but it is still, just as important as any other factor. If you do not like the look of the fir pit, even if it does its job excellently, it will not be satisfactory for you at the end of the day.

Finding the best fire pit for yourself majorly includes finding one that fits exactly to your style preference. You can look out for the one that will completely change the look of your backyard for the better. There are many different styles available to match your varying needs, for example, if you want a fire pit that is easy to move around, then a bowl version fire pit will be better for you. However, if you have a roomy backyard and want a warm gathering spot, consider a more stationary square pit.

Kind of Fuel

A fire pit has many different forms of fuel, such as wood, natural gas, propane, or gel. For those that want the true out door experience, wood is the most common form of fuel. Burning wood is usually preferred due to the unique scent it produces, that helps in making the atmosphere more serene.

However, if you choose wood as your method of fuel, then you will need plenty of spare firewood ready, so that you may have some ready to use before the fire burns out. Choosing wood as your method of fuel can also be more cost effective in comparison to propane, gas, and other types of fuel.


You won’t be able to truly enjoy your fire pit, if you are constantly worried about the potentially dangerous accidents that could happen because of it. Therefore, for your own peace of mind, you must ensure that the fire pit is placed in such a location, where it is unable to cause any harm. Some precautionary measure that you can take in order to make using a fire pit safe, are that you should make sure that the fire pit is placed on a leveled ground to avoid dangers. Moreover, it will be safer for you if you place it away from any combustible materials.

You should never place your fire pit next to your home wall and you need to be extra careful, if you are using a fire pit on a wooden deck. The best surfaces to place a fire pit on are hard stone, cement or tile, which are basically fireproof. Lastly, you should also use screens too to cover your fire pits. These precautions will help almost completely remove all possible danger posed by them.

Fire pit placement and location

Finding the right location to place your fire pit requires a lot of careful thought to be given, before you can make a proper decision. The right location for your fire pit can make all the difference during any event, as it will greatly affect the atmosphere or mood being created.

While picking out the right location, you must also consider the safety aspect and choose a spot that makes the fire pit distant from anything flammable. This has to be done in order to avoid accidents. Wind direction, is also an important aspect that you need to consider prior to choosing the right location. Lastly, the ideal location for the fire pit would be where more people are usually gathered, for example, near the kitchen, pool, and patios.

Keep materials in mind

Considering the material of your fire pit is also important. Before deciding which material you prefer, you should know more about the pros and cons of each material. The material of your stone pit can range from stone and tile to stainless steel and copper.

Stone and steel is heavy. Therefore, it should ideally be used in larger square pits that don’t have to be moved around a lot. Steel fire pits are comparatively more expensive but they have added benefits of rain and rust resistance. Furthermore, they are also easy to clean. Stainless steel is a great option to consider while looking for the best fire pit.

Tile fire pits are also fireproof and tiles are essentially used to add certain decorative touches to the location. This is a great way to enhance the look of your backyard. Copper versioned fire pits are powder-coated and have a shiny look to them. You should pick a copper fire pit if you are aiming for a more standardized look.

The type of material you pick will, in the end, depend on your personal preference. The material type you choose will also effect the atmosphere of the event you decide to use a fire pit for. It definitely impacts the general outlook of your fire pit. You should also consider, if you want a fire pit that is easy to move around or not because if you choose a stone or stainless steel fire pit, then it will be comparatively heavier and harder to move around. If you are looking for high mobility, then you should opt for copper or tile fire pits.

Know the Dimensions

Generally, fire pits range from 20″-45″ in diameter. Smaller fire pits range from 20”-25” inches whereas, a standard larger fire pit ranges from 40”-45”. It is necessary that you know which size will be perfect for your yard. Knowing the right size is important so that your yard does not look too congested if you buy a relatively larger fire pit. Similarly a smaller pit will not heat up your yard as efficiently if the yard is too big. You must consider these factors before finalizing the size you need. The different sizes will also effect the pit’s mobility. Therefore, if you want a mobile pit, then the better option for you will be a smaller sized fire pit.

Create the right backyard fire pit ambiance

Once you have purchased the best fire pit, your investment will become more worthwhile if you get a few further accessories. These additional features could help in highlighting the ambiance you wish to create. Outdoor lighting is always a good option, not only does it further illuminate the atmosphere, it also increases the overall beauty of the yard. A good option for outdoor lighting are LED lights since, you can just plug it to a near outlet. Moreover, they are energy-efficient as well.

Adding custom made chairs around your beautiful fire pit is a doable idea. You can also make a custom seating area that is made from stones, concrete or other materials, based on your personal preference.

These options are definitely not a necessity, but they can be considered, if you are interested in going all out to create the perfect ambience in the yard. Most of these options are not that expensive. Therefore, it seems worth the while to invest into them especially, if you have gone out of your way to purchase a fire pit. You will most definitely fall in love with the environment and comfort the final setting will create.

Fire Pit Reviews

CobraCo Diamond Mesh Fire Pit

CobraCo Diamond Mesh Fire Pit with Screen and Cover FB8008

The sturdy steel construction increases its durability and offers long term use. The fire pit’s base includes built-in risers that offer maximum amount of airflow. The uniqueness of this product is that it comes with a 5” edge table, which can be used for drinks and snacks. The classic diamond design, in both the fire pit and wire cover, gives this pit an extremely elegant and stylish look. It includes wire screen cover to restrict flying embers, making it easy to sit around the fire and protects you from any harm.

The protective vinyl cover extends usage of the product by preventing rain or leaves from entering the fire pit. This makes it easy to clean and prevent the water from damaging the fire pit in anyway. However, since it is of steel construction, it will be comparatively heavy and ultimately, less mobile. It isn’t the ideal option, if you plan on moving your fire pit around.


  • Steel construction
  • 5” edge table
  • Built in risers


  • Relatively expensive
  • The shelf is slightly tilted

Endless Summer WAD820SP

Endless Summer, WAD997SP, Aged Bronze Outdoor Firebowl with Lattice Design

This beautiful fire pit is sure to add to the general outlook of your yard. It is 34” in diameter and due to its relatively larger size it is able to provide heat up to 150 square feet around it. Furthermore, its Black wrought-iron stand makes it more durable and increases the overall life of the product. The heavy mesh guard provides you with perfect safety.

Slate tile mantel bowl with copper accents, makes an attractive addition to your outdoor area. Moreover, it is comparatively lighter in weight than concrete or steel constructed fire pits. However, the one thing it lacks is a cover. Since, it does not have a cover, you have nothing protecting the tiles from the fire. You will not have any additional protection from factors of rain and rust. However, at a good price, the fire pit will surely create the right ambiance for you to enjoy your evenings.


  • 34” diameter – provides heat up to 150 square feet
  • Tiles and copper construction
  • Black wrought iron stand
  • Durable
  • Relatively cost effective
  • Easy assembly


  • No cover
  • Can’t handle the flames the same way some other products can
  • No protection against rain water and rust protection

Endless summer WAD997SP

Endless Summer, WAD997SP, Aged Bronze Outdoor Firebowl with Lattice Design

This compact fire pit is about 24” in diameter. The small size makes it easier to move around. You can try on different locations without any hassle. Since, it has a steel construction, it is slightly heavier in comparison to those that are made of copper or tiles. However, the steel material prevents it from rust and rain. While most fire pits that have a steel construction tend to be more expensive, this is relatively cost effective.

Moreover, the design of this fire pit is that of a deep bowl and this design helps the fires to last longer than usual. You will be able to create larger fires and will provide heat to relatively larger areas. Lastly, the heavy-gauge mesh spark guard is included for your protection and makes this tool completely safe for your yard.


  • Steel construction
  • Longer, larger fires
  • Heavy gauge spark guard (safety)
  • Rust and rain resistant
  • Relatively cost effective


  • No cover
  • Provides heat for only 100 square feet around it
  • A little Flimsy

Landmann USA 28905 Super Sky Fire Pit

Landmann USA 28905 Super Sky Fire Pit

The sturdy steel construction and design makes it highly easy to assemble. It is about 6” in diameter, which is larger than most pits. Due to its large size, it provides warmth to a larger area. While the product is large in size, it does not create hindrance in mobility. It comes with a full diameter handle to make transportation easier. The product includes Full Cover Spark Guard which not only provides you with safety but prevents leaves from falling inside. It offers protection against rain as well. It also comes with a poker, which can be used to fix the fire wood. The 962 Square inches of Burn Surface, makes this the perfect pit for large and longer lasting fires.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Full cover spark guard
  • Rust and water resistant material
  • 962 square inches of burn surface
  • Full diameter handle (easier transportation)


  • Relatively expensive
  • No log grate

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit

Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit, 26-Inch

This elegant and absolutely gorgeous fire pit is just what any yard needs. The fire pit alone has the ability to change the entire look of the yard. The extra-deep design is used to provide you with longer lasting fires while maintaining the unique modern style.  Moreover, it has a strong sturdy mesh spark guard cover, which protects you from the embers and increases the safety of using a fire pit.

The air vent inside, provides a circulation to create consistent fire and with its 20 inch poker, you can life the spark guard and tend to the firewood. It also has air holes that provide proper water drainage system. However, what makes this fire pit truly amazing is its added feature of being able to convert into a chrome cooking grid, which can be used for grilling selected foods.


  • Can be used for grilling food
  • Air vent for proper circulation
  • Air holes that are used to provide proper drainage
  • Protected from rain and rusting


  • Relatively expensive
  • Relatively heavy
  • No proper method to dump the ashes.

Sunnydaze 42 Patio Fire Pit

Sunnydaze 42 Inch Large Cosmic Outdoor Patio Fire Pit with Spark Screen

This fire pit is 42 inches in diameter. A fire pit of such a large size is not meant to be moved multiple times and will definitely weight more comparatively. It is quite durable. The product consists of 0.75mm steel construction finished with a rustic patina and high temperature paint for a heat resistant finish. Since the paint is of such high quality and offers heat resistance, the fire pit will look brand new for a longer period of time.

The spark screen is the perfect tool to provide you with protection from the fire. It lets you enjoy the lovely atmosphere with complete peace of mind.  The built-in grate strips are used to hold wood. It comes with a poker that helps you arrange the fire wood with absolute safety. Furthermore, it allows you to remove the spark screen without any risk.


  • 42 inch diameter
  • Steel construction
  • Heat resistance paint
  • Grate strips
  • Poker that allows you to remove the spark screen with minimum risk
  • Durable
  • 1 year warranty


  • Larger size makes it harder to move
  • Relatively heavy
  • Relatively expensive
  • It will look unseemly in a shorter yard due to its size (preferable in large yards)