Many people have flea problems within their property but they never admit having this problem. If you spot one of these insects in your pet or somewhere within your garden just know that there are many more in places you don’t know. If you have pets, chances are that you might be struggling with these hard to spot insects. They multiply at a very high rate and once you spot one of these insects, after a few days you’ll be struggling with an infestation. Once you notice that there are fleas within your property, the wise thing to do is to use a flea fogger or flea bomber to kill and control further infestation.

Top 5 Flea Foggers

Hot Shot 20177-1 No-Mess! Fogger, 3-Count, 6-Pack4.5 pounds13.6 x 7.2 x 6.1 inches
12.8 ounces8 x 4 x 5 inches
S C JOHNSON WAX 41654 Raid 5 oz Flea Fogger (3 Pack)1.5 pounds1 x 1.4 x 3.3 inches
Bonide Chemical Total Release Flea Fogger, 6-Ounce, 3-Pack1 pounds1 x 1 x 1 inches
13.9 ounces6.4 x 2.2 x 6.8 inches

Our Pick

Hot Shot 20177-1 No-Mess! Fogger, 3-Count, 6-Pack

Hot Shot 20177-1

After weighing out the different options and reviewing a number of flea foggers available in the market, we decided to pick Hot Shot 20177-1 as our top pick.

Our winner is effective in killing many pests and it is also odorless. Once you use this flea fogger at home, be sure that it will not only kill and prevent flea infestation but other insects too. Once you apply it, you’ll not see any stain or residue in places you use it.

Start fogging your backyard with our top pick and prevent all forms of pests. Fleas are pests that should not be allowed to find a place at home leave alone our pets.

To find the best flea fogger, it is important to do a detailed research.  Dealing with fleas can be challenging especially if you use the wrong flea fogger. If you use the wrong flea fogger that is not effective enough, be ready to have this problem again in future. The wrong and ineffective flea fogger will make fleas to keep coming back in future. The problem with these parasites is not only that they continuously suck blood from their hosts but they also make your pet to continuously scratch which as a result affects their general health. If you have a dog as your pet, you should check if it has fleas. This is because dog flea is considered to be the most dangerous type of flea because they can spread a tapeworm species by the name Dipylidium caninum.

In order to deal with flea infestation at home, it is important to use the best flea fogger available in the market. There are many models of these flea foggers in the market which further complicates the process of finding what works and what cannot get the job done. Flea infestation can be so serious such that you can’t feel comfortable relaxing on the couch in the presence of these parasites. The easiest and quickest way to get rid of these parasites is by using an effective flea fogger. Are you at home struggling alone with flea invasion? It is time to find the best flea fogger in the market. There are many flea killers in the market today and most of these killers have chemicals.

These chemicals are not only flea killers but can as well be dangerous to human beings. People usually make mistakes when treating flea invasion. They do this by treating their pets or animals and forget treating areas such as lawns and places housing these pets. Being one of the most common problem experienced by homeowners, fleas can be annoying and can cause infections through sucking of blood. Understanding how to effectively control these parasites is essential in order to protect your home all the time. Not all flea foggers available in the market these days are effective in prevention and killing of these blood sucking parasites. Some do not actually work as manufacturers claim. This guide is designed to help homeowners choose the most effective flea fogger to prevent these parasites from taking over at home.

To ensure that you control and prevent fleas at home, make sure that you buy from a brand that is reputable. These foggers have chemicals that kill these pests. Some can completely eliminate the parasites and their eggs altogether if applied at the right place and in a recommended manner.

Which areas at home do fleas hide?

It may take long before you notice that your property is infested with these blood sucking parasites called fleas. These pests hide in our pets, crevices and cracks. You can also find them outdoors in places where your pets sleep. These pests can also be found in baseboards, wood floors, bed pillows, throw pillow, pants and shoes. These pests can multiply very fast because in a single day, a female flea can up to 40 eggs. These eggs will then hatch and develop into full fleas once they detect the presence of a host within. The most difficult flea development stage to deal with is when the eggs develop into pupae because of the cocoon formed at pupae stage.

How flea foggers work

In order for the foggers to work effectively, it is important to know how to set them off. Remember while you are trying to kill the fleas, you should also know that the fogger can be dangerous to you as well. So if it’s your first time controlling these pests using this method, you should use the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the fogger you plan to use.

The instructions provided in the packaging are supposed to help you control the pests effectively and also ensure that they don’t affect you.

Extra caution is needed when setting off flea foggers if there are children and toddlers at home. Before you embark on setting off flea foggers, you should make sure that everyone gets out of the how to a safe area.

Once you apply the fogger as directed by instructions on the packaging, you should ensure that every thing that came into contact with the aerosol gets cleaned. Clean everything whether its furniture, toys, clothes and linens. This is important in order to prevent children from consuming the chemical.

No matter the type of flea fogger used, it is important to vacate the house as long as the aerosol remains active. Read the instructions in the packaging to find out the time taken before it becomes inactive after being applied.

It is normally advisable to avoid using things like carpets or linens for a few days in order to allow the fogger to continue working effectively.

According to many flea fogger manufacturers, the best time to apply it is when you are going for a vacation. Once you vacate the house, you should only return after the fogger applied has become inactive. Make sure that the ventilation works well after you return. Make sure that doors and windows remain wide open to allow the fogger to clear from your rooms.

Factors to consider before buying a flea fogger

There are many flea foggers available in the market these days. If you are planning to buy a flea fogger to kill fleas at home, there are certain factors that you must consider in order to ensure that you end up with the most effective flea fogger. Here the factors to consider before you buy.


Not all flea foggers that are in the market are effective. Look for a high quality product capable of killing the parasite alongside its eggs. Some flea foggers will only kill the pest and leave eggs. Imagine what would happen once the eggs hatch into full fleas. Go for a flea fogger that will help you eliminate the problem caused by these parasites permanently.


How versatile is the flea fogger you are buying? Don’t just buy because you want to kill fleas only. What if your home contains other pests? A number of flea foggers are capable of killing other pests at home and these are the ones you should prioritize.

Buy a versatile fogger capable of killing mosquitoes, crickets, roaches, spiders, moths and many other insects.

Re-infestation inhibition

Many flea foggers are capable of inhibiting a repeat infestation of pests for 7 months. A good flea fogger should also be able to prevent the eggs laid from hatching and developing into adult pests. Some insect killers come capable of prevention re-infestation or development of eggs for 210 days.

Side of your home

These insect killers come in different sizes ideal for use in different room sizes. If your house is spacious, you should consider going for a bigger flea fogger. This will ensure that you cover all the areas within your house and nothing less. A bigger flea fogger will cover extra places and ensure that all the pests within the covered area are killed.

Now that we have learned how to apply flea foggers and also all that you need to know in order to prevent infestation by these pests, let’s now review flea foggers that are available in the market.

Flea Fogger Reviews

1. Hot Shot 20177-1

Hot Shot 20177-1 No-Mess! Fogger, 3-Count, 6-Pack

You are the homeowner. Why don’t you take the initiative and prevent flea infestation within your home by using Hot Shot 20177-1? The best insect weapon to arm yourself with at home is Hot Shot 20177-1. Save your family from flea attacks by using the effective and powerful Hot Shot 201177-7.

This flea fogger clears within no time and effectively penetrates all areas housing fleas and other pests. Once you apply it as per the provided instructions, it will penetrate all cracks and all points in your furniture and curtains to flush out not only fleas but other pests also.

It comes with easy to understand instructions that can be followed appropriately to prevent any damaging fabrics, blinds, drapes, bedspread and upholstery. This flea fogger kills both crawling and flying insects.

Many homeowners love Hot Shot 20177-1 because it can be used in many places, including sheds, garages, homes, storage areas, lawns and households. The good thing about this flea fogger is that it’s not only effective in killing fleas only but it can also kill many other insects and keep killing for weeks.


  • Odorless
  • Efficient and effective
  • Non-staining
  • Deeper-reaching


  • Ineffective to certain pests and insects.

2. Hot Shot 95911

This flea fogger is very effective in killing lice, fleas, ticks and bed bugs. It is an effective flea fogger that will quickly flush out and kill all pests in rugs, upholstery, carpets, pet bedding, cabinets and floor cracks. Homeowners love this flea fogger because it comes with Nylar which is very effective in preventing fleas from developing to a stage where they can start biting.

A room which measures 16 feet by 16 feet can be treated with a single can of Hot Shot 95911. You can kill as many insects as you wish because a single can of this flea fogger contains 2 ounces of the fogger. If your home is infested with fleas or bedbugs or any crawling and flying insects, the best way to go is to use this effective flea fogger. Whether you have a heavy or light infestation of pests at home, it is a must to use flea foggers.

If you want to prevent re-infestation of crawling and flying insects, you should consider using a flea fogger that can have the job done perfectly. It stops re-infestation for up to 7 months.


  • 7 months re-infestation prevention
  • Can kill a wide variety of flying and crawling insects
  • Can flush out and kill insects from baseboards, carpets and all areas where applied


  • It’s not as effective as advertised
  • Not so effective in spacious rooms

3. SC Johnson Wax 41654

S C JOHNSON WAX 41654 Raid 5 oz Flea Fogger (3 Pack)

It is a water based type of flea fogger containing pyrethrins and methoprenes. These two components are very effective in killing insects and eggs.

This flea fogger is ideal for larger areas and can flush out insects and fleas from all areas where it is applied. It is advisable to apply it as directed by the instructions provided in the packaging.

People love this insect killer because it’s not only effective in killing fleas only but it can as well kill bed bugs, ticks, roaches, mosquitoes, moths, ices, beetles and many insects not mentioned here. It kills and flushes them out within no time once you apply it as recommended.

It is very important to prevent pest infestation at home because of very many reasons. For instance, fleas are blood sucking pests that can lead to serious health issues. Dog flea is very dangerous to hosts as it can lead to continuous scratching and serious skin problems.

Once you apply it in the right way, it will not leave stains in different places within your room. Once applied, it will kill all insects within the room and stay active for some time to continue killing every insect that survived.

It is a very effective flea fogger that kills insects with eggs all at once. Once applied in your room, it is not necessary to wash your upholstery or clothing as would be the case in other types of flea foggers.

For this flea fogger to work effectively, it is advisable that you apply 3 times every day for 5 days. This ensures that any insect that escaped on the first day never survives.

Once you use it, it can last for up to 4 months still preventing flea infestation. it is one of the few flea foggers that do not leave stains in sprayed area.


  • Effective within a very short time
  • No stains once sprayed
  • Strong and works as advertised
  • Kills both eggs and adult fleas and prevents re-infestation for 4 months
  • Penetrates into crevices and cracks to kill all forms of insects both flying and crawling


  • Stick if left for long
  • Harmful chemicals when inhaled

4. Flagline Bonide Chemical

Bonide Chemical Total Release Flea Fogger, 6-Ounce, 3-Pack

This is so far one of the best flea foggers available in the market today. It comes with components such as permethrin, pyrethrin and can control and prevent flea re-infestation for 7 months. It is effective when used in places housing your pets, basements, condos, apartments, kitchens, attics and dorms.

Are you struggling with pest infestation? We,ll worry no more because you found the answer in Bonide Chemical. This flea fogger kills all forms of insects at home. You can kill beetles, roaches, ticks, ants, insects, bed bugs and fleas.

Using this flea fogger is very simple because all you have to do is to just spray it in your room and leave it to do the rest. It is advisable to leave the room after spraying this flea fogger.

Once crawling and flying insects have been killed, open doors and windows to allow any chemical out. For easy operation to ensure effectiveness, you should read the provided instructions that are normally part of packaging.


  • Very effective in fleas
  • Easy to spray
  • Kills crawling and flying insects


  • Not so effective in killing bedbugs

5. Black Flag Indoor fogger

Black Flag HG-11079 6 Count Indoor Fogger

This is definitely one of the top flea foggers that homeowners use in killing fleas. Any flea or insect that comes into contact with this flea will get killed immediately and without further delay. It is also an effective roach killer.

This Black Flag Indoor Fogger can penetrate into cracks and crevices to flush out and kill insects hiding in these places. This flea fogger can kill all insects within 10 minutes in a 10,000 square feet room. If you are looking for a flea fogger that will help you save time, then you have the answer in Black Flag Indoor fogger.

Once it has been applied, it clears from the room very fast and you can use the room after 5 minutes once you have applied it. Prevent flea infestation in your home with this effective flea fogger capable of killing a wide variety of insects.


  • Odorless
  • Clears from the room very fast
  • Effective in killing roaches and flea
  • Can kill other types of insects such as spiders, earwigs and ants


  • Sometimes leaves a sticky volume

All the flea foggers that have been reviewed here should have the job done. However, there are differences in their ability to prevent certain types of insects. Some of them are very effective in killing adult pests while others are effective in killing insects and eggs. There can also be a difference in terms of how long they stay effective. Before you implement flea treatment strategy, you should find out the most ideal product for your situation. Consider the factors that we saw early in this guide. Treat outside areas and your pets also.

It is always good to start fogging early enough in order to prevent heavy infestation of these insects. Once the infestation turns heavy, it can be challenging to control fleas in our homes.