Proper lawn care involves much more than simply mowing the grass, trimming hedges and minding the weeds. Hours of hard work have to be put into making your lawn a work of art. Traditional methods of tending to lawns may not just cut it for you according to your expectations.

Mulching is one of those lawn care duties that have been dreaded by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. It used to involve mowing using a standard mower, collecting the grass and mulching them manually before spreading them on the lawn.

With the inception of the mulching mowers, this task is nowadays a breeze. These mulching machines disperse the cut grass evenly on the lawn. The finely chopped grass decomposes on the soil, hence providing nourishing nutrients for the growing grass.

Finding that best mulching mower is however the hardest part. Using it is even much easier. As your trusted ally in matters to do with mowers, we have prepared a review of some of the finest mulching mowers out there. We hope this makes your work a lot easier.

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How to choose the best mulching mower

If you need the best mulching mower, there are certain quality attributes that it needs to have. These are what will distinguish it from the rest of ‘other’ mowers. Getting the best saves you a lot of time, money, makes your lawn look stunning and reduces carbon print in the atmosphere. Here are some of the criteria you can use to settle on the best mower for your lawn.


In this modern era, you need a highly versatile product that meets all your demands in a single machine. You need a mulching mower that you can turn to a side discharge mower or a bagging mower. This is essential when the grass is too tall, and it might choke the mulching mower.

The process of converting your mulching mower to the side discharge mode when mowing lush grass will help the machine to cope up with the high load. Changing to a bagging mower in fall is essential as you need to collect the leaves for use in your flowerbed or vegetable garden as mulch.

Gas, corded or cordless?

More often, you will be faced with this dilemma. Which option do you go for? The answer mostly depends on the size of your lawn and your style. A gas mower will be suitable for large sized lawns and are the most popular types. Their carbon emissions are the most concerning weakness.

The other option is the electric ones. These too come in two options; corded and cordless. A corded mulching mower is more useful for a small sized lawn with fewer obstacles. A big lawn mower will demand the use of multiple electrical cords which might be inconvenient as it will disconnect easily from the power outlet.

A cordless mower may seem so fancy for a considerably sized lawn. They are not powerful though in comparison with corded mowers. The best mulching mowers that are cordless have longer lasting battery lives and can be charged quickly. You do not need a mower that you will be scampering around with to find a charging socket after every couple of minutes.

Engine capacity and horsepower

The best mulching mower must be able to clear and evenly disperse the tallest, toughest and the fastest growing grass. If it cannot, then it does not deserve that title. Mulching mowers with at least 5 to 6 Horsepower will do the job pretty well.

Then there is the choice between a 2 cycle and a 4-cycle engine type. This choice depends on your style and the ones you will be most comfortable with.  A 2-cycle engine mower does a hilly terrain better. The mixing of oil and fuel provides constant lubrication. Unlike the 4-cycle ones, you will not end up with an oil starved mower.

The more power the engine has, together with efficient blades, the finer the mulch will be. This is always the ultimate aim. Finer clippings decompose faster and are quickly absorbed into the soil.

Noise and carbon emission levels

Quite is always good. Always keep this in mind. Excessive noise is both irritating and a form of pollution. Big and gas-hungry engines are mostly culpable of this. The noise is not good for your ears and also creates a disturbance to others, more so in areas where discretion is of utmost importance.

Carbon emissions into the atmosphere are the lead cause of global warming these days. Do not let your mower be part of it. It should be fuel efficient and have smoothly moving parts. Ensure the blades are meant for mulching for quitter runs.


This is an essential factor that you have to consider. When trimming your lawn, no spot should be unreachable; no spot should also be left un-mowed. The mower should have sturdy wheels to withstand all of its weight while making pushing the mower a lot easier.

If your lawn is filled with obstacles such as trees, furniture, bushes and garden beds, then a mower with zero turn capability would be a great idea. Heavy mowers having small wheels are very difficult to push around especially in hilly terrains.


The best mulching mowers are always self-propelling. Pushing around a heavy mower can be tiresome at times. So, you need one with an inbuilt self-propulsion mechanism. All you do is just to guide it along which is very easy then.

Walk-behind mowers can be the rear, front or all-wheel drive. A mower with most of the load on the front should have front wheel drive for keeping the wheels down. They need a lot of energy to get along though.

Best Mulching Mower Reviews

  1. Earthwise Electric Lawn Mower


The Earthwise Electric Lawn Mower is a corded lawn mower with a cutting width of 20 inches. This is a 3 in 1 lawn care system, giving you the ultimate versatility. It has a rear bag, mulch and side discharge capabilities.

The engine produces no emissions, needs no gas or oil to run. The engine also starts anytime you want it to. With motor power requirements of 120 V, 60 Hz, 12 A, you can plug the mower into any power outlet, and it will run. At 3600 motor rpm, this mower gives you enough power to tend to all your lawn needs.

The cutting height of this mulching mower can also be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 4 inches from a single lever. This capable mulching mower has a comfortable V handle with a cushion grip. A steel deck ensures mower durability while the 7 and 9.5 inches front and rear wheels respectively provide for easy maneuverability.

This environment-friendly mower has an easily mounted mulch bagger and plug. This gives your lawn a professional look when combined with the adjustability of the cutting heights.


  • Environment friendly
  • Powerful mulching
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to assembly


  • The handle abrades easily
  • Cord length is a liability

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  1. Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower


The Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower is a gas powered 3 in 1 lawn care powerhouse. It gives your lawn a professional look with its 28-inch-wide twin blade. This makes mowing easier and faster than 21-inch-wide mowers. The 195 cc OVH engine delivers enough power for any type of job.

The instep rear wheel propulsion system adjusts the speed naturally to your needs. The RWD gives the mower more control and traction whether on the hilly, flat or uneven terrain. This mulcher has a simple to use height adjustment. It has 6 settings adjustments from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches accomplished by its single lever adjustment.

With its advanced TriAction cutting system, the grass is lifted upright by a rake bumper. Then the grass meets a special blade which finely mulches it and feeds it to a symmetrical deck which disperses it outwards. This deck features superior grass flow and eliminates any clumping of grass to the mower blades.

The side discharge chute has a clip which is used to attach it to the handle when you are not using it. This mower gives you a choice of a mulch kit and a rear bag. It is then upon you to decide how you want to disperse your cut grass.

As a homeowner who ensures their machine is always clean, this mulcher has a wash port on its deck which you can connect to any standard garden hose and wash out grass clippings stuck on the deck’s underside.

Starting the engine has never been this easy with its Smooth Start Plus, pull start technology. You do not have to manually prime the engine to start even in the coldest of weathers.


  • Versatile
  • Wide cutting width
  • Variable speed
  • Easy start
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable cutting height


  • Very costly
  • A little heavy

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  1. Craftsman Push Lawn Mower


The Craftsman Push Lawn Mower is a 140-cc gasoline powered 3 in 1 mower. Its Briggs and Stratton engine produces 5.50 ft/lbs gross torque. This delivers adequate power for a high-performance mowing. This engine also ensures more handling comfort due to the fewer vibrations produced.

This product features the advanced Smooth Start recoil starter which reduces the efforts required in starting it. This starting system works in combination with the Most Reliable Starting (MRS) Sparkplug. This combination gives you a longer lasting and easier starting of your mower.

The 3 in 1 deck provides you with different options of mulching, bagging for easy disposal of clippings and side discharge. Its durable blades keep your lawn in top conditions. The four-point height adjustment levers allow for flexibility in cutting heights of between 1.25 inches and 3.5 inches.

The cutting deck is made from steel for durability and sturdiness. A 0.2-gallon fuel tank provides you with longer mowing times. You can adjust the handle heights up to 3 positions at which you are most comfortable. The handle can also fold when it is time for storing it.


  • Versatile
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Powerful
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Easy starting
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to start at times

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  1. Lawn-Boy Push Lawn Mower


The Lawn-Boy Push Lawn Mower is an easy to handle 3 in 1 mower that is hard to beat in performance. It is powered by a 160 cc Honda GCV Engine. This engine is lightweight, produces fewer carbon emissions, quiet and can be relied upon to deliver every time. It has a gross laboratory torque of 2800 rpm. This is an ideal engine for any residential mower.

Is your lawn on an uneven terrain? This mower has 11-inch rear wheels which tackle any such terrains with utmost ease. This product features a Tri-Cut cutting system which includes a 21-inch steel blade housed in a deep steel deck. The deck is durable yet very lightweight. The blade is excellent at mulching and produces a high-quality lawn cut.

Need to customize the height of grass on your lawn? The deck can be quickly adjusted at two points, resulting in a well-manicured lawn. Versatility is enabled by a large bag when you need to collect the grass clippings for other needs.

Different terrains need varying amounts of traction for the mower to move along. This particular one has 11-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels which guarantee you sufficient traction in any soil condition. Slipping is rear when using this mulching mower.


  • Easy to empty bag
  • Versatile
  • Carb compliant
  • Maneuverable
  • Easy start
  • Durable


  • Hard to repair

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  1. EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower


The EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower is a cordless mulcher with a 7.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery for longer lasting power and rapid charging. It has no long inconvenient electrical cords, produces no noise, no fumes and can mow around 2 miles of lawn when charged.

This battery is durable in any weather condition. It uses the industry-leading Arc Lithium battery technology. This delivers you unbelievable power and is compatible with all the EGO POWER+ products. In case you want to use this product at dusk or in the evening, it has LED headlights which illuminate the path in your working area. This is one of a kind feature

The battery delivers constant power even when it is draining. A nearly depleted battery will give you almost the same performance just as a fully charged one. This mower comes with an indicator light to show you when the battery is nearly completed. When the battery is completely low, the light blinks and the motor shuts down to prevent any damage to the battery.

With a cutting width of 20 inches, the number of passes you make when mowing is greatly reduced. When you are done with mowing and need to store the mower, it folds easily allowing for compact storage in an upright position.

An adjustable handle accommodates any operator height. The 56 volts battery powers a 600 watts high voltage motor to provide exceptional grass cutting at a no-load revolution of 3300 rpm. This speed is enough to power through any length or thickness of grass.

This lightweight mower is very easy to push around and turns readily.


  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Has headlights
  • Weather resistant
  • Quiet
  • Emission-free
  • Easy to operate


  • Shortcutting width
  • Requires regular charging

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  1. Snapper Mulching mower


The Snapper Mulching mower is a walk mower designed to last you season in and out. It features heavy duty parts and components to last you this long. Its disc drive system of transmission develops high wheel torque, making speed control a lot easier.

The exclusive Ninja blade has 6 cutting surfaces for finer mulching of grass. The adjustment handles are easy to operate, making it easy for you to choose the most desirable lawn height. This machine features the high traction Rear Wheel Drive desired for a walk behind the steel mower.

To minimize the damage on your immaculate grass when turning, a smooth turn differential is incorporated in the mower to improve on maneuverability. As a mulching fan, this is probably the best mulching mower. Its blade has 6 cutting surfaces to turn the clippings into fine mulch, which is then blown back onto the lawn by the deck.

The engine is durable, strong, produces less noise and features ReadyStart system for the simplest engine start. The cutting height can comfortably be adjusted to 7 different positions for that neat, immaculate lawn finish. The adjustment is from 1.25 inch to 4 inches.

The 14-gauge steel deck is heavy duty, has reinforced bracing, a steel axle and the wheels will pass the test of time in terms of endurance.


  • High traction
  • Durable
  • 7 position height adjustment
  • Powerful mulching blade
  • Quiet
  • First pull start


  • Heavy
  • Self-propulsion lever is not conveniently located

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  1. Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower


The Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Mower is a gas-powered riding mower suitable for most suburban homes. Do not let its small frame fool you. It is powerful, versatile and handles medium sized lawns with ease. All these are made possible by its powerful 420 cc engine. This engine is mounted at the rear to limit its speeds to 4.25 MPH max.

A 30-inch cutting blade gives you a wider cutting path to complete the job faster. This width does not compromise on the maneuverability of the machine though. The deck construction is done by a standard 14-gauge steel. This gives durability to the deck. Its 1.3-gallon fuel tank holds enough fuel for your lawn. The fuel level can be monitored using the fuel gauge.

This riding mower features a six-speed shift on the go transmission for quick gear shifts. Better still, the operator controlled reverse system allows for grass cutting in reverse gear. There are five different grass cutting height settings for your desired grass height.

With a turning radius of 18 inches, maneuvering around trees and any obstacle becomes very easy. It is fit for small projects as it lacks comforting features and the steering wheel lacks any special padding. The top speed of 4.25 MPH can be too fast in tight areas, but you can control it using the foot pedal and the speed selector.


  • Fast
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to start/operate
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Easy to store


  • Expensive

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  1. Poulan Pro Automatic Drive Riding Mower


The Poulan Pro Automatic Drive Riding Mower is an agile and tough mower. This mulcher features a reinforced and vented deck that draws air from the deck top. This air drawn boosts the air flow at the bottom of the deck when working on long grass. It is a 3 in 1 lawn care equipment. You can bag the clippings, side discharge and mulch.

This rider is operated much like a car. Foot pedals are used to control the speeds of the automatic FAST transmission. It can move at speeds of up to 75 MPH. The 20 HP engine delivers all the punch this machine needs to marvel at its job.

The OHV (Over Head Valve) engine consisting of pressurized lubrication runs at cooler temperatures, delivering the needed power. Starting this mower does not involve any guess works. The Ready Start Starting System delivers only the needed amount of fuel during starting, depending on the surrounding temperatures.

A 6-inch turning radius allows you to cut closer to trees, limiting the trimmings you have to do after.


  • Easy to start
  • Very quick
  • Automatic transmission
  • Small turning radius
  • Powerful (20 HP)
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

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  1. Husqvarna 4X4 Mower


The Husqvarna 4X4 Mower is a powerful 4 x 4, 3 in 1 mower. You get all the attachments you need in a single equipment. It’s powerful too because of the Honda 190 cc engine. It delivers enough power to drive all the four wheels and do all the three jobs.

The cutting decks are powder coated for first class mowing results. The 4-cycle engine drives a 22-inch cutting blade that is also powder coated for durability. By having 4-wheel drive, the maneuverability is world class in any type of grass or terrain.

Want to mulch, side discharge grass clipping or bag them for future use? This machine accomplishes all these tasks. You just include the necessary attachments and let it do its thing. The variable speed drive makes it possible to mow at your own pace.


  • 4-wheel drive
  • Maneuverable
  • Ergonomic
  • Powder coated deck
  • Starts flawlessly


  • Spoils easily

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  1. GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower


The GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower has a 12 Amperes electric motor which delivers power to cut any type of grass. The 22-inch cutting deck is durable and gets the job done quickly. With this mower, you have a rear bagging mower, a side discharger and a mulcher. All these can be used at your own convenience.

You need to have the freedom to control the height of the grass being mowed for desirable end results. This equipment gives you just that. The lawn ends up with the perfect height with the incorporation of a 7-position height adjustment. The heights range from 1 ½” to 3 3/4”.

To access the mulching plug, simply lift the rear discharge. All the weight of this machine is carried by its 10 and 7-inch rear and front wheels respectively. Weighing in at 56 pounds, pushing and loading this mulcher onto your truck is not fussy.


  • Works great
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Quieter than gas mowers
  • Easy start
  • Can plug into any power outlet


  • Unsuitable for large lawns
  • Shortcutting width

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Our top pick for the best mulching mower


The GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower easily tops this list of the best mulching mowers due to its versatility, low weight, maneuverability and no carbon emissions. Its powerful 12 A motor delivers sufficient power to tackle any grass condition.

By being able to adjust the cutting height, it prevents the clamping of grass onto the cutting blade when the grass is too long. You gradually reduce the height by each pass of the mulcher. This power is also used to evenly disperse the clipped grass onto the lawn to be used as manure for the growing grass.

Storing it too is quite easy. The holding handle is foldable on top of the mower, thereby taking less garage space.

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