It is no secret that every rational person loves their lawn (s). The neatly cut and well-trimmed lawns provide for very spectacular viewing. The process required to get the lawn looking that way is not so complicated either. Most people love their lawns neat but are not willing to pay the price involved to make it look that neat.

This opposing attitude and feeling of loving the lawn but hating the cutting process has escalated the advancement in the efficiency of mowing machines. This has led to the development of zero turn lawn mowers. These machines can cut very close to obstacles so that you do not have to do any trimming afterward.

For the most articulate lawn finish, you need to invest in the best zero turn mower under 5000. In this review, we shall discuss the criteria for choosing these low-cost machines and review some of the best zero turn mowers under 5000 around.

Top 10 Zero Turn Mowers under $5000

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Our Pick

Husqvarna Z246 23HP 724cc Briggs Endurance Engine 46" Z-Turn Mower 967323903

Husqvarna 46″ Z-Turn Mower

The Husqvarna 46″ Z-Turn Mower tops our list of the best zero turn mower under 5000. Its 23 HP V-twin, 724 cc engine gives it the ultimate endurance to cover large lawns.

The 46-inch cutting deck makes it exceptional at maneuvering around obstacles and narrow strips of lawn. The deck is made from a 13-gauge steel for an increased endurance to all elements.

The dual hydro gear EZT Transmission provides minimal power losses during mowing. The anti-scalp rollers prevent tearing of the lawn during turning. All these features meet the criteria that were set in choosing the best zero turn mower under 5000.

Ways of choosing the best zero turn mower under 5000

You do not have to spend outrageous sums of money to take care of your lawn. There are Zero Turn Radius mowers in the market for as little as $5000. They could be ideal for you if you have a tight budget or are just starting a lawn care business.

Besides the price, there are certain features that you need to consider before paying for that lawnmower.

Cutting deck

When shopping for a new zero turn mower, the size of the cutting deck will be probably your first consideration. Generally, a larger deck will enable you to finish cutting the grass in fewer passes, saving you money in the process.

The deck size you choose will depend on the maneuverability of the machine on your lawn. How close are obstacles to one another? Can the mower pass in between? Just in case the lawn is just an open field without any obstacle, look for the widest deck you can afford. The sizes range from 42” to 72”.

For a lawn with a lot of obstacles, a smaller deck is more realistic. Besides the deck size, the deck type is important too. You will find two types, a stamped deck, and a fabricated one. Choose the one that best fits your style.

Engine type, size and horsepower produced

Not all the zero turn mowers you find will have the same engine capacity and power output. The best zero turn mower under 5000 will have considerably lower engine capacity in comparison to the high-end ones.

These features will determine how well the mower will be able to handle the job. Lesser horsepower will not handle well tough and thick grass. This slows you down and wears the cutting blades rather easily. More horsepower will also be able to get the mower uphill on slopes.

Mower speed

The top speed of your mower is a critical consideration, more so for professionals. Faster mower means a shorter job completion time, hence more money. The best zero turn mower under 5000 should be faster to cover large acres in a shorter time.

More speed will also enable you to complete the job faster and get back to your relaxing ways. Look for the top speed mowers that you can get under $5000.


If you are planning on being on your mower for longer durations, you need the most comfortable ride that you can afford. If possible, look for a mower with full suspension. You will not complain of many aches with such.

Suspension does not only guarantee you smoother rides, but it also provides for more even cutting. The full suspension allows the wheels to follow the contours on the lawn for a “cutting consistency.”

Operator comfort and ease of use

You need to check that there is some good leg room on the mower and how easy it is to get on or off the mower. Step bars and handrails should make this easier.

The control levers should work in conjunction with parking brakes, such that you can swing out the levers when the brakes are engaged. The seat should be adjustable and can be slid forth and back for the perfect sitting posture.

At the stores, try out the seats and imagine yourself riding. Choose the one in which you feel most comfortable.


Taking care of your lawn does not entail only grass cutting. How you manage the cut grass should also matter. Would you want to mulch it and spread it back as manure? Or would you want to store it in bags for future uses or to be used elsewhere?

You need to consider the compatibility of the mower with other attachments for more comprehensive lawn care. It could be a trailer, a dump cart, bagger, sweeper, roller and much more.

Best zero turn mower under 5000 Reviews

1. Husqvarna 54″ Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54"

The Husqvarna 54” is one of the best zero turn mowers under 5000. This mower makes your lawn mowing more of an event than a chore. A 724 cc Biggs and Stratton engine powers this innovative Z-turn mower.

This engine features valves that are chrome plated for durability, premium air filtration, a cooling fan and super finished bearings for the most superior engine performance.

When you combine a Zero Turn radius and a 54-inch cutting deck, lawn mowing becomes a breeze due to the fewer passes. The stamped cutting deck has been reinforced for more durability and strength.

Air induction improves the lifting of grass so that a superior cut is delivered every time. The clutch is electric so that the cutting blades are efficiently engaged every time you engage the clutch.

A dual hydro-gear EZT Transmission minimizes power losses from the engine to the wheels.  What’s more, an ergonomically designed control panel avails everything at your fingertips.

A spring assisted deck lifting system is put in place to ease using the machine. The chassis features a removable foot pan to allow for deck access.


  • Wide cutting deck
  • Durable engine
  • Removable foot pan
  • Spring assisted deck lift
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Air induction grass lift


  • Sometimes has quality control issues
  • Does not start on several occasions

2. Poulan Pro, 46-Inch Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch

The 46 inches Poulan Pro ZTR mower delivers a combination of comfort, performance, and durability that you expect your lawn mower to possess. This machine gives total control to the operator with its improved maneuverability.

A dual wheel hydro transmission makes the control of each wheel independently very possible. By just moving the levers backward or forward, the mower can move backward, forward, left or right.

The 46” RZ Reinforced deck provides for a shorter time spent mowing. This is regardless of the lawn size and the number of obstacles. The shortened operating periods reduce the wear and tear in the engine, hence a longer service life.

For a more customized grass cut, the deck height can be adjusted to 6 positions between 1.5” and 4” (that is 1/2 inches increment). The 22 HP Briggs & Stratton engine drives the robust two 46” steel cutting blades.

This engine is kept replenished by a 3.5-gallon capacity fuel tank. This is capable of powering it to top speeds of about 6 MPH. For comfort, the hand grips are foam padded for reduced strains on your hands.


  • Foam padded grips
  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Has anti-scalp rollers
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Durable wheels


  • Not suitable for steep hills

3. Husqvarna 61-Inch Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch

The MZ61 mower delivers a new level performance, comfort, and productivity. An intuitive user interface, a commercial grade hydraulic system and a heavy-duty steel frame give you the ultimate lawn mowing experience.

The cutting deck is rugged and fabricated to withstand the rigorous objects the blades throw at it. The deck also gives you the ultimate versatility. It can mulch, collect and discharge the cut grass.

To ensure your comfort, you will find a high back seat fitted with armrests together with steering levers that are adjustable. You will get the same comfortable ride every time.

The 61-inch fabricated cutting deck is fitted with a 3-blade cutting system to handle the thickest, toughest and tallest of grass. Hydrostatic gear transmission delivers the right amount of power to the wheels with every push or pull of the levers.


  • 3-blade cutting system
  • 61” cutting deck
  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Works great


  • Requires time to master steering
  • Can create skid marks on the lawn

4. Husqvarna 46″ Z-Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z246 23HP 724cc Briggs Endurance Engine 46" Z-Turn Mower 967323903

The Husqvarna 46″ Z-Turn Mower gives a hassle-free lawn mowing. With its ZTR technology, you can hit every spot on the lawn and eliminate the need for an extra trimming process.

The bright LED headlights will allow you to continue working late into the night and early in the morning before daylight. The 46” cutting swath provides for fewer passes of the machine and steering into tighter spaces.

The air induction technology provides greater lift for the cut grass to produce an even cut throughout. The 23HP B&S Engine provides smoother power outputs and less noisy operations. The 3.5-gallon fuel tank replenishes it.

The Hydro Gear EZT Hydrostatic Transmission is boosted by a 10cc fan cooled pump and motor on every wheel. The steel cutting deck consists of 2 mower blades as well as spindles that can be greased. The spring-suspended operator seat provides comfort even on uneven terrains.


  • Spring suspended seat
  • LED headlights
  • Has a cup holder
  • Quieter
  • 2 mower blades
  • Anti-scalp wheels


  • Steep hills are a challenge

5. Ariens 60″ ZTR Tractor

25HP 60" ZTR Tractor

The Ariens 60” ZTR tractor is a commercial and professional grade lawn mower that delivers you all the performance that you would need to make your business a success. It is one of the best zero turn mowers under 5000 that you can find around.

Every pass of this machine leaves behind an exceptional cut on the lawn. This beast is powered by a 25 HP, 725 cc Kohler 7000 series pro V-Twin engine. All this power is transmitted through the Hydro-Gear transaxle transmission.

The cutting deck is composed of 60-inch triple cutting blades. The spindle is made from 25 gauge cast iron for durability. The deck is fitted with 6 anti-scalping wheels for smooth rides.

9 grass cut positions are possible through the adjustment of the height lever. This machine has a top forward speed of 8MPH and 4 MPH in reverse. The 6-gallon fuel tank reduces stoppages to refuel. This allows you to work on a larger portion of the lawn without any need to stop several times.


  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Very wide cutting swath
  • Very fast
  • Powerful
  • Triple bladed
  • 9 cutting heights


  • Expensive
  • Requires much space to store

6. Swisher 54-Inch ZTR Mower

Swisher ZTR2454KA Response 24HP 54-Inch Kawasaki ZTR Mower

The Swisher 54-Inch ZTR Mower provides enthusiasts and professionals the ability to easily make a full 3600 turns and a low center of gravity for exceptional maneuverability.

An advanced Rapid Response Control System provides an improved user comfort and assured control of the machine. This well-made ZTR mower leaves in its trail a well-manicured and professional looking lawn, at an affordable price.

When it comes to the features of this mower, it has all the right stuff that you need. A powerful 24 HP B & S Engine will power it through any type of grass in your lawn. This power is transferred to the 54” 11 gauge fabricated cutting deck that comprises of 3 Gator mulching blades. An 8-gallon fuel tank supplies the engine with fuel. The powerful engine can move the mower up to speeds of 8 MPH forward or reverse.

Hydro-Gear 2800 Transmissions offers an efficient transfer of power to all the running components. An Ogura Clutch provides for efficient gear engagements. To raise the deck, you just step on the foot assisted deck lift.


  • Low center of gravity
  • Wide cutting swath
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Ergonomic design
  • Mows great
  • Very fast
  • Comfortable seat (has armrests)


  • A little pricey

7. Troy-Bilt Mustang 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

This premium Mustang lawn mower provides you with a quick means of tending to your lawn. A powerful 24 HP B & S Twin, Electric PTO engine powers this well-built zero turn mower.

A dual EZT Transmission effortlessly transmits power from the engine to the wheels, providing an effortless maneuvering around obstacles. The two transmissions work hand in hand to make it possible to drive the rear wheels in two different directions.

The 46-inch cutting deck allows for efficient maneuverability with fewer passes. This cutting system features an improved airflow which creates a vacuum effect for the lifting of grass. The 18-inch-high back seat and a combination of dual suspensions provide for smoother rides.


  • Caster wheels do not tear landscape
  • Vacuum effect provides better grass lift
  • Heavy duty use
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Dual suspension
  • Twin blade deck
  • Easy to clean


  • Slips when mowing sideways on a steep slope

8. Poulan Pro 54-Inch Zero Turn Radius Mower

Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 24 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 54-Inch

This powerful mower is an ideal choice for larger lawns with numerous obstacles. Its superior maneuverability and speed is just the combination one needs to qualify it as a best zero turn mower under 5000.

A big powerful 24 HP Briggs V-twin Pro Engine powers this big boy through any grass type. It is commercial grade, is quiet and has the muscle to mow in any condition: hills, twigs, etc.

The engine drives the 54-inch reinforced deck where all the magical stuff happens. In addition to the speeds, this wide cutting swath saves you a lot of time spent mowing. The deck allows for the choice of cutting heights between 1.5 inches and 4 inches.

The Hydro gear EZT transmission provides a better and smooth lawn driving experience. Each wheel is controlled independently. This enables the zero-turn capability. Riding close to flower beds and trees is as easy as it comes.


  • Fast mowing
  • Comfortable ride
  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Wide cutting swath
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lasts longer


  • Non- CARB compliant

9. Husqvarna, 54″ Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 967334101 MZ54S 25V Commercial Zero Turn Mower, 54"/Twin

This ZTR mower could be what you are looking for to fix your large lawn through the easy way. A 724cc, 25 HP Briggs and Stratton engine delivers the power smoothly, is quiet and is outstandingly durable.

The engine features a full pressure lubrication with a spin-on oil filter for a cleaner engine. The hydro gear ZT3100 Hydrostatic Transmission independently drives each wheel, leading to top speeds of up to 8 MPH. This enables you to mow about 3.5 acres of lawn per hour.

The reinforced stamped mower deck is reinforced with 14 gauge welded steel tubing for durability. The three mower blades have mandrels that can be greased for smoother rotations.

The cutting deck can be adjusted from the sitting position by stepping on a pedal. This mower comes with two anti-scalp wheels for a tear-free landscape. The high back seat has armrests to reduce fatigue on the operator.

For extra riding comfort, the steering levers have been dampened with premium foam and are adjustable. The seat is slideable and is spring-suspended for smoother rides.


  • Slideable seat
  • Premium dampened lever grips
  • Wide cutting swath
  • Reinforced cutting deck
  • Powerful engine
  • Fast mowing


  • The cutting blades are lousy

10. Husqvarna 52″ Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 967277401 52" 25HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower

The Husqvarna 52″ Zero Turn Mower is equipped with the cutting heights, power and comfort required to complete a job with ease. A 25 HP Kohler engine boasts of a commercial grade construction with high-quality components for durability.

A heavy duty 11-gauge steel cutting deck increases the strength of the crucial systems. It gives extra support to the spindles. The deck allows for 12 different cutting steps for the most customizable grass height.

The deck adjustment can be made just from the operator seat. For increased service life of the mower, the integrated zero-turn transmissions feature charge-pumps, large drive axles and expansion tanks.

The front casters are 6-inch-wide and consist of pneumatic tires for longer life. Carrying out maintenance on this equipment is very easy due to the incorporation of easily access points. Oil filters, drive components, battery, electric system, pulleys and belts are easily reachable for a comprehensive service operation.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Cutting deck easy to adjust
  • Removable foot pan
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable steering
  • Hour meter for maintenance monitoring


  • Quite expensive