The snake plant is the most tolerant and straight forward plant that has ever been grown. The plant looks fresh with it’s architectural shape although one despise and neglect it at first. In addition, the plant is very tolerant to low light intensity as well as hight drought resistance and infestation by insects. If you happened to carry out a keen research, you are likely to discover that the snake plant purifies air at home by getting rid of benzene and other toxins.

Growing a snake plant

The snake plant is easily grown from cuttings. What you basically need to know is that it easily rot if the soil is not properly drained. The easiest plant propagation method is by dividing, although most people usually do it through leaf cuttings. The freshy rhizomes produced by the roots can easily be eliminated with a sharp knife.
In case of root rot,the solution is quite simple;just give the plant less water and repot it in fresh soil for the roots to low dry. The mushy leaves may also be removed.

Repotting the snake plant

Snake plant is usually grown in a pot. You are supposed to repot the plant in winter, or you can as well do it when you see the roots becoming crowded and growing out at the bottom of the plant pot.

How do you prepare the pot?

-The pot’s width should be a bit greater than the depth. The new pot should be about 1-2 inches wider than the old one. There must be a drainage hole at the bottom that will drain the water after you have watered the plant.
-Fill the pot to one third with the potting soil that has been established for tropical plants.

How to lift the plant during repotting

  1. Thoroughly water the old pot before removing the plant in order to loosen the plant’s root so as to make it slide out easily.
  2. Support the base of the plant between your fingers so that the root ball can slide out of the pot when turned upside down.
  3. Trim the root rot that has developed on the exterior side of the root ball with a clean and sharp knife. All large that completely encircle the root ball should also be cut for the snake plant not to be bounded by the roots.

Snake plant repotting process

  1. The depth of the new pot must be the same as the one in which the plant was previously growing.
  2. The root ball should sit two inches beneath the rim of the pot.
  3. After placing the plant correctly, fill in around the pot with soil until the proper depth is attained.
  4. Thoroughly water the repotted plant so as to settle the soil around the plant roots as well as to moisten the potting media.

The after care activities

Snake plants are normally tolerant to direct sunlight. However, it is important to place the pot in a place with bright light but not direct sunlight for 2-3 weeks in order to help the plant recover from stress that may have arised from the transplanting process.

You are not to apply the plant with any form of fertilizer until after one month to allow the plant roots to establish, or else you will end up burning the roots of the plant.

The snake plant should be watered when the top soil (about 1 inch) gets dry. In addition, any water that gets collected from the drip tray under the pot should be emptied to avoid waterlogging the soil. If the soil is overly wet, it can result to root rot or fungal problems on the roots that have been recently cut or damaged.

Ways to care for Snake plant

  • Properly pot the Snake plant
  • Don’t use garden soil but use proper houseplant potting media.
  • Filter intense day sunlight using sheer drapes
  • Regulate temperatures to an optimum of 40-85 degrees centigrade.
  • Check the soil moisture weekly by use of probe hydrometer.
  • Water if it reads zero to prevent root rot.
  • Just water very little during winter or if the plant is grown in a room that is air-conditioned.
  • Don’t water until the pot is dry,or until the leaves droop.
  • Apply the water correctly
  • The water should be of room temperature or if possible, let it be distilled,or rainwater.
  • Apply the snake plant with fertilizer according to the label instructions
  • If the plant gets too big than the pot can hold,just transplant it to bigger pot.